Do you want to be an RJ and entertain tons of listeners? Then this book is for you!

Take a deep dive into the lives of fourteen eminent radio presenters to learn about the people behind the iconic voices that have entertained us via the airwaves-one of the oldest forms of communication. Gain some insight into these media influencers' life stories-on and off air-and how each unique voice has a phenomenal journey, and an exclusive story, to tell. Get to know the challenges, ideals, inspirations, favourite songs and icons of the popular radio jockeys of our time, including the legend Ameen Sayani, and maybe this can be a career which inspires you too!

Let's Talk On-Air: Conversations with Radio Presenters

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  • Rakesh Anand Bakshi is a scriptwriter and the author of Directors' Diaries: The Road to Their First Film and Let's Talk on Air: Conversations with Radio Presenters. He is an aspiring director and actor, and a swimming, cycling and gym enthusiast. Rakesh runs Bicycle Angels, a non-profit social initiative supported by friends that gives bicycles and wheelchairs to the underprivileged and teaches the visually impaired how to use a computer. He also co-founded, with Kanika Kedia, I Adore You Diaries, which creates personalized diaries. He authors a blog, Beautiful Bicycles Beautiful People, on cyclists, their rides and stories.