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The Boko haram terror group aspires to establish a caliphate in Africa and 20, 000 innocents have already paid with their lives. Rohan, a young Indian merchantman, unaware of this devilish intent, joins an oil tanker bound for Nigeria. Confronted with a brutal piracy planned by the terrorists, can Rohan survive the ensuing suicidal oceanic voyage and the hellish torture by the vicious mafia? Hundreds of miles away, the Boko haram leader is equally unaware of a sinister conspiracy taking shape against him. Can he emerge unscathed? Their lives stand treacherously intertwined amidst a convoluted mix of ambition and greed. Will they survive the African roulette?

The Eleventh Indian

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  • Gautam Marwaha, serving in the Indian Navy, never let his diverse challenging appointments dampen his passion for writing. His tenure at Nigeria, at a time when piracy was at its peak, inspired him to write The Eleventh Indian.

  • "The Eleventh Indian is what I would call a Classic thriller.From the very start to end, the story takes you through a roller coaster of suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation and anxiety. The high seas, Nigeria, Dubai and India… the story keeps darting to and fro.The build-up to the climax is excellent and there is a new development at the turn of every couple of pages. The author's style of writing ensures that there is never a dull moment .Amazingly researched and beautifully written."

    "A classical thriller, inspired by a real life incident. Once I started reading the novel, it had to be finished. Unputdownable. Surprising turn of events keeps you mesmerized. Kudos to the author for maintaining the tempo and keep the reader guessing. Good to see such engrossing books coming out in the Indian Literature scene. Waiting for the next one."

    "Every once in a while, comes across a book that brings alive true stories of adversity faced by Indians around the world. Piracy is a big threat and many Indian Merchantmen have gone through the terror and brutality of pirates who are often desparate to just eke out a living and don't care whether you live or die. This book remains true to the travails faced by Rohan at the hands of pirates. By focusing the central character and the overall plot,the author keeps you on the edge till the last page, vividly sketching a narrative that is complelling as well as poignant, once again reminding us that human nature and greed knows no boundaries. Definitely worth reading. A new storyteller, Gautam Marwaha is born!

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